Elephant Necklaces Meaning at a Glance

Elephant is a creature that is well loved by many. Elephant is featured in many traditions, cultures and beliefs, both eastern and western world.

One religion that sees elephant as sacred creature is Hindu, where a number of Gods take on the shape of elephant head.

In western culture, many believe in the charm power of elephant that can help strengthen the bond and love between family members.

Needless to say, elephant pendant is one form of accessories that is popularly sought after. If you are looking for one, here are the 5 Cutest Elephant Necklaces that you would definitely want to consider getting.

Most Beautiful Elephant Necklace Picks for Different Budget

Popular Pick of Elephant Necklace (for Less Than $50)

Picture of elephant necklace decorated with sapphire crystal


Elephant necklaces are some of the cutest charms around. They come in many different price ranges for people looking to spend a little or a lot to add to their best jewelry collection.

If you’re looking for an especially cute one and hoping to spend less than $50 then you’re in luck because Netaya has just the jewelry for you.

While the stones around the elephant’s neck appear to be diamonds, they are actually white sapphires. The piece is no less stunning to see and if you’re in the right kind of light it can really sharpen your profile.

If you’re looking for something better, scroll down further but be prepared to pay a little more.

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Best Value for Money Chain Necklace with Elephant Pendant (for Less Than $100)

Picture of rose gold elephant pendant necklace


Even if you only have less than $100 to spend, you can still get away with a really great deal on a cute elephant necklace.

The Amazon Curated Collection usually comes up with junk but when you see their XPY silver and rose gold elephant pendant, you’ll wonder how they can sell it for so little.

Diamonds ring the outline of the small but charming elephant with tail and trunk extended.

The slight pink tone to the gold gives the piece a more fleshy look too. There are certainly worse ways you could spend $95. There are many more necklaces like these as well.

Gorgeous Necklace with Elephant Pendant (for Less Than $150)

Picture of sterling silver elephant necklace with blue turqouise pendant


If you’re looking for an interesting stone which will really make your elephant pendant stand out, you can’t go wrong with Marcasite.

It has a very specific look which rubies, emeralds and sapphires just can’t emulate. The Amazon Curated Collection again comes through with a truly beautiful necklace.

Though the turquoise may be man-made it does not detract from the cute look and feel of this elephant necklace. You can make it your own for less than $150, though this sale price may end at any time. You should move quickly if this interests you as the supplies could also run out at any time.

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Beautiful Long Chain with Sterling Silver Elephant Pendant (for Less Than $200)

Picture of sterling silver elephant pendant necklace


While this is a much simpler design for less than $200, the Alex Woo “Little Luck” sterling silver elephant necklace is no less cute and tasteful.

The charm at the end of the 16 inch loop is an impressive one, not as small as you might think for something which is supposed to be more cute than pretty.

The finish on the pendant also gives the elephant an almost white sheen, as if the mimeograph were made from ivory.

That’s not the case but you might be able to fool someone from a distance. It still seems like a lot to pay for a relatively mundane piece of jewelry.

Stunning Necklace with Gold Elephant Pendant (for $200 and above)

Image of elephant pendant necklace gold 14K


For those who want to skip the silver and get right to the gold, you need to be ready to pay more than $200.

Gold’s value has pretty much skyrocketed over the last decade and now even small amounts cost a lot.

The World Jewelry Center has come up with a 14K gold elephant necklace on an equally luxuriant chain.

You can get that in different lengths to suit your needs but know you will pay more for longer chains. The $215 price tag on this item is steep but it’s preferable to the full price of $557.

Time to Choose Your Perfect Elephant Pendants

These are my five best picks of elephant necklaces for the different price range. Hope you’ve found something that you love.

As a bonus, I’ve vetted some of the no less stunning elephant pendant necklaces just for you. Why? So you don’t have to do the hard work. Enjoy!

Image of Silver plated mother and baby elephant necklace
Image of 14k gold baby elephant pendant
Picture of trendy baby elephant pendant necklace
Silver mother and baby elephant pendant with crystal stone
Picture of Bronze elephant head necklace
Picture of Elephant head pendant necklace
Image of sterling silver elephant head pendant necklace
Image of elephant head necklace with rhinestone decorations
925 Sterling silver elephant head pendant
Picture of XPY Sterling silver and 14K Rose Gold diamond elephant necklace
Picture of beautiful sterling silver diamond elephant necklace
Image of diamond elephant pendant in sterling silver
Image of classy diamond elephant pendant
Unique Picture of diamond elephant pendant necklace with sapphire
Cute 10k yellow and white gold diamond elephant pendant necklace
Picture of cute silver mother baby elephant necklace
Rose gold mother baby elephant pendant necklace
Gold charm elephant head necklace pendant with twisted trunk