Keeping your jewelry in the best jewelry armoire is one of the best jewelry storage ideas. It is the best way to keep your jewelry safe, and well organized for ease of use.

An antique jewelry armoire will add a decorative touch to your house. It will serve as a good storage for your jewelry.

When it comes to most antique furniture, however, many associate them with bulky pieces of furniture with high prices. Your antique jewelry armoire does not have to be that way.

Image of antique armoire with mirror



There have been numerous innovations when it comes to antique jewelry armoire ideas. You can easily find compact jewelry armoires which open on the sides.

Alternatively, there are those that open on top to reveal many storage options and when closed, they become a compact and beautiful piece of furniture.

As far as the price goes, while an authentic antique jewelry armoire can cost you well into thousands, an antiqued jewelry armoire will cost you a fraction of the price. Don’t be surprise if they look just as beautiful next to your other furniture.

An antiqued jewelry armoire, is a contemporary made armoire made by artificial means to look like an antique.

By purchasing an antiqued armoires, usually you can receive an item that even the savviest of antiquists might mistaken for an authentic antique jewelry armoire.

Picture of beautiful antique jewelry wall cabinet



If you live in a small space, you might want to take advantage of clever wall mount. This is one jewelry storage idea that will not only save you space but als add to the beauty of your home.

And the best part? It serves as a practical storage space for your jewelry.

The SEI’s (Southern Enterprises Incorporated) and Furniture Maxx’s wall mount jewelry oak armoire are a great example of antique wall mount armoire.

Both oak armoires, look just like beautiful but simple wall mount mirrors made of high quality oak wood, when closed.

When opened, they reveal fabric lined storage space for your jewelry. They both offer space for your jewelry, as well as taking only as much space as a mirror would on your wall.

If you don’t want to quite hide your jewelry, but rather need a small jewelry armoire, there are other choices for you as well.

Picture of antique jewelry armoire cabinet



There exist small drawer armoires with expandable side leaf/leaves that would be perfect for a small space. Powell, Louis Phillip, and eHome Products, all offer such armoirs.

There are options option for Cherry Armoire, Maple Armoire, and Pine Armoire. The quality of work, and craftsmanship in these products sets the price.

The eHome Cherry Armoire, is a compact and beautiful piece of furniture that will cost you less than $100. If you are looking for a product that is closer in appearance to an antique jewelry armoire, you might want to choose a Louis Phillip’s Cherry Armoire (costs $200-$600) or a Powell’s Pine Armoire (costs $180-$500).

At any rate, there are numerous options available to you which you can browse through, through many different online shopping sites such as Amazon, to find your beautiful jewelry armoire.

Pay attention to the dimensions, and the customer ratings for each product, and you won’t find yourself disappointed at the end of your jewelry armoire hunt experience.

Picture of antique jewelry armoire


What you’ve just seen are only 4 of the best-selling antique armoires. As a jewelry lunatic myself, I know I wouldn’t be convinced by just looking at so few options alone.

That is why I’ve attached all the antique armoires that I’ve stumbled upon before making my top picks. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! Cheers!

Picture of antique jewelry cabinet
Picture of antique armoire dresser
Image of antique armoire wardrobe
Image of french antique armoire
Image of antique armoire
Image of picture of antique armoire
Picture of popular white antique armoire
Picture of popular antique armoire with drawers
Picture of beautiful antique painted armoire
Image of antique traditional jewelry armoire
Picture of walnut finish seville antique traditional armoire
Picture of white antique jewelry armoire
Image of white nad gold antique armoire
Picture of Henry IV walnut antique armoire
Image of burnished oak antique armoire