When it comes to necklaces, there are many different types of chains and pendants to choose. Among the most popular options would be such models as infinity necklace, elephant necklaces and of course, horseshoe necklace.

Why are horseshoe necklaces so popular? The answer turns out to be quite simple.

It is because in many parts of the world, horseshoe is a symbol of luck or fortune. The cup-like horseshoe shape is believed to be most effective in keeping one’s luck from spilling over if it is kept upwards.

So, if you are keen to get yourself an amulet to bring you lots of luck or you are just looking for the perfect necklace with horeshoe pendant, here are the top options available for different price ranges.

5 Gorgeous Horseshoe Necklaces for Every Budget Need

#1 Pick for Horseshoe Necklace Less than $50

Picture of horseshoe necklace


For less than $50 you can pick up a truly stunning horseshoe necklace made of solid silver. While the metal is undoubtedly real, the stones certainly will not be for that price.

Still, you get some of the best looking CZ stones you’ll ever see when you pick up this piece from Bling Jewelry. Most of the stuff they make is slightly gaudy and you’re sure to feel iced out while wearing this necklace.

This is actually a good deal for the money but you shouldn’t expect to fool anyone with these obviously man-made stones. The beauty is still there!

Most Beautiful Horseshoe Pendant for Less than $100

Beautiful picture collection of horseshoe necklace gold


If you’re willing to move up to the $100 range, you can get authentic diamonds to go along with that sterling silver setting.

Getting a horseshoe necklace from the Amanda Rose Collection is a good way to satisfy your need for the equine while getting real stones and metal for the money you spend.

Right now the price is actually just under $60 and there are plenty in stock on Amazon.com. You have a good chance of finding similar prices at other vendors but you should still shop around to get the best jewelry deal on this item. If you’re willing to pay more, things just get better.

Gorgeous Horseshoe Pendant Necklace for Less than $150

Image of horseshoe necklace white gold


The Amazon Curated Collection 10k white gold horseshoe necklace comes with a sharp look and more than a few small diamonds.

While the total carat weight for those dense stones is so small as to be inconsequential, they still have an unmistakable impact on the overall look of this item.

Less than $150 gets you this necklace shipped to your door, or to someone else’s door.

You could have it mailed as a gift and make a real memorable mark this year or pick one up for yourself. Either way, this is a pretty sweet deal for some authentic jewelry.

Stunning Horseshoe Pendant for Less than $200

Picture of elegant white gold diamond horseshoe necklace


If you’re looking to spend less than $200, you can still get quite a lot for the amount you’re willing to spare. That means real diamonds and not just little specks either, stones you can actually see and appreciate.

The Amanda Rose collection is offering a horseshoe necklace crafted from 10K white gold with real, natural diamonds set in the pendant.

These total 1/4 KT or more but never less, meaning you get a decent amount of stones for the price. What if you’re looking to spend even more money than this on the person you love though? Well, there are still more options.

The Ultimate Horseshoe Pendant for Less than $250

Picture of 14K white gold diamond horseshoe pendant


Typically, the same Amanda Rose horseshoe necklace above retails for more than double the amount listed there; $399 plus taxes and other charges.

If you’re looking to pay more than $200 you could go for a necklace like this with a single, large diamond, or using a number of cheaper stones which could then be made bigger.

Birthstones which match the gift recipient’s month are always in good taste and it’s typically more affordable to go with one of these options instead of diamonds.

As always, be careful when buying jewelry as you never really know if the stones are real unless you get them checked out.

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