The Smart & Practical will Get the Best Cubic Zirconia

People used to scoff at cubic zirconia or CZ as a gemstone in any jewelry because of the perceived notion of cheap appearances.

However, CZ jewels are actually some of the most brilliant gems found in all jewelry types, such as cubic zirconia earrings or a diamond elephant necklace.

This synthetic gem works well in certain situations, but also depends on the wearer’s style and fashion sense.

To Some, Cubic Zirconia is as Real as Diamond

Those Special Occasions

Because CZ is a synthetic material, it doesn’t have the hardness diamonds naturally have.

If you wear one particular CZ item a lot, it could develop scratches and fogging across the surface.

Protect your best jewelry items by reserving them for special occasions.

Wear that diamond horseshoe necklace, for example, only when you eat out with your parents or grandparents.

With the best jewelry storage between occasions, you’ll protect the CZ from damage and give it a long lifespan.

Considering Engagement Rings

When you compare the price between a CZ and diamond engagement ring, the difference could be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Think carefully about choosing a CZ for an engagement ring, however. Although you can afford a much larger gem in CZ, it may not retain the luster of a diamond.

Being the hardest natural substance, diamonds keep their beauty for decades, making them symbols of a long marriage.

CZ rings could be scuffed and marred quickly after being worn. Unless the bride doesn’t wear her ring too much, a diamond is a better choice in this situation.

Affordability = More Choices

If you really want to purchase that cubic zirconia necklace, it’s possible to buy it and another jewelry item simultaneously.

CZ is widely available and relatively affordable, creating a perfect match for budget-minded shoppers.

You can still have the brilliance of a diamond look without the price tag. Consider adding different pieces to your collection, such as CZ vintage brooches, anklets and earrings.

This gem is easily set in almost any jewelry piece, allowing it to match with countless outfits.

Care for CZ

It’s possible to keep your CZ gems looking brand new with diligent care. Secure a separate space in your jewelry box for CZ items and even cover them with soft fabric.

You don’t want other gems to scratch away at the CZ surface. Buff the gems with an approved polish and cloth to maintain the sheen.

If you don’t care for the gems, they will succumb to damage over time.

When you commit to a consistent care schedule, you’ll get the most out of your glorious CZ jewels.

Cubic Zirconia is Environmentally Friendly

One of the main reasons why people choose CZ over diamonds is environmental impact. CZ is created by manufacturing companies in controlled conditions.

Diamonds must be mined, contributing to habitat destruction and animal species danger. You can be proud of CZ because you weren’t actively involved in financing diamond mining.

Even local mining communities are exploited through high diamond demand, forcing workers to mine for long hours at low wages.

Making the world better for the environment is a symbol of CZ jewels.

Don’t shun the look of a cubic zirconia necklace just because it isn’t diamonds.

To most eyes, CZ gems look exactly like diamonds, making you sparkle without spending a fortune at the jewelers.

Although diamonds are more appropriate for formal settings, everyday CZ jewelry is a perfect way to accent an outfit, including those dazzling cubic zirconia earrings.

Image credit: Paul Hocksenar