Beautiful earrings can add a touch of class to nearly any outfit. They make the perfect accessory.

In order to prect your best jewelry investment, you need to store your jewelry items in a way that is easy to find all of your favorites.

Storing earrings is sometimes just as important as the actual earrings because they need to be kept nice and accessible for you to add to any outfit when you are in need of a pair.

Are You Storing Your Beautiful Earrings Correctly?

Stud Earring Holders

One of the more popular jewelry storage ideas is stud earring holders.

Stud earring holders are designed specifically for stud earrings. They are often made out of wire netting that will hold several pairs and can be made to accommodate any amount of studs.

A stud earring holder will often not be able to hold dangle or hoop earrings. This is because of the way that is designed with the wiring.

Choosing a stud earring holder is dependent on your taste. They can come in many different colors, shapes and styles.

Homemade Earring Holders

Homemade earring holders are a great way to show off your creativity while keeping your earrings in a safe and easy to find place.

Homemade earring holders can be made out of anything from foam and fabric to craft wire. They can combine elements and work to hold several types of earrings in one location.

You can make your own earring holders by using craft guides and a variety of materials that you may already have in your craft supply.

Earring Holder Box

An earring holder box is the most traditional way to keep and display earrings.

The earring holder box will have several holes that studs can fit into with a space for the backs.

Some of these boxes also have slots that hoops can fit into.

Larger earring holder boxes have small posts that dangle earrings can be hung off of for easy storage and a beautiful display of the earrings in your collection.

Cute Earring Holders

Finding a cute earring holder is completely dependent on your specific tastes.

A cute earring holder will combine all of the elements that you like along with a space to store all of your earrings.

If your style is minimalistic, you will be able to find an earring holder that suits those needs and is cute according to your style.

You will also be able to find earring holders that come in various shapes. Some popular shapes include animals and novelty items.

Choosing the cutest earring holder for your specific style will ensure that you get what you want out of your earring holder while adding a touch of class to the area that it is placed in.

You can always find an earring holder to match your decor scheme.

Earring Holder Trees

An earring holder tree provides a place for you to keep your dangles and hoops.

It is equipped with branches that earrings can be hung off of. The branches often have notches in them that allow you to put a pair of earrings in one place.

The earrings can be arranged to look like the leaves and smaller branches on the earring holder tree.

Some of these trees are equipped with wire mesh to add a touch of elegance to the appearance of the tree while giving you a place to put your stud earrings.

Deciding the Best Earring Holder

Choosing earrings can be fun, but keeping your earrings stored in a centralized location can be difficult. This is if you do not have an earring holder.

Find the right earring holder for your style and you will always have a beautiful display piece where you can easily access your earrings.

Finding the right one is completely dependent on everything you love in decor and the amount as well as type of earrings that you will be putting into storage.

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Image credit: Christina Helton