A Simple DIY Necklace Storage Idea

Your mother may have begun your jewelry collection with passed down family relics, from a vintage brooch to a diamond elephant necklace.

As you add to this collection into adulthood, you’ll notice items tangling together or scratching various finishes.

That is when you realize you need proper storage for the best jewelry collection you have. The best jewelry storage solution depends on your collection’s size and type.

Consider some of these storage ideas to get your necklaces, bracelets and earrings into a perfectly organized state.

Jewelry Storage Ideas 101

The Traditional Box

The best jewelry organizer is the traditional box. Commonly made of glossy wood, a jewelry box has several drawers and cubbies to hold nearly any treasure.

Organize your necklaces across a long drawer while avoiding a damaging stacking strategy. They should all lay flat to easily see their glory.

Earrings and bracelets fit neatly into their own spaces as well.

This jewelry armoire is typically passed down through the generations, making its overall wood quality important to maintain.

Care for your wood box as you would wood furniture for the best sheen over the years.

Unique Bracelet Stack

If you are a fan of bracelets and bangles, the best jewelry organizer isn’t always a box. Even if you’re careful, bracelets usually tangle in a box, but you can stack them.

Take a standard paper towel holder that stands vertically. Decorate it if you desire and stack bracelets on it.

They’ll remain tangle-free and easily found while on display. They even double as an interesting beauty sculpture when you aren’t wearing any.

You could start conversations with just a stack of neat bracelets.

A Tree of Jewels

Another decorative way to keep your necklaces tangle-free is using a jewelry tree. As the name implies, this fixture has many extending branches acting as holding arms.

Drape necklaces on each branch to keep them neat. Similar to the stacked bracelets, this storage idea also poses a beautiful decor concept.

Even add extra bracelets to the tree if you have the room. The best jewelry storage makes a statement for the owner whether they’re wearing the treasures or not.

Don’t Lose that Pouch

There will be those times when you need to store your jewelry for a move or even for long-term storage.

When you purchased each item, they usually came with a pouch or container. Keep all those containers to use as storage.

They are typically made with the right material to avoid any scratching damage to the jewels.

If you have a more vintage piece without a container, it’s always possible to match that jewelry with the right container from a jewelry store or private seller.

Earring Galore

Storing earrings can become a nightmare if you don’t have the right organizing features. If your box has a huge open space for earrings, try to add small dividers.

Each earring pair should have its own cubby, reserving just enough space to allow for finger movement as you pick up the jewelry.

These dividers reduce earring loss significantly, especially if you have particularly expensive jewels or designs.

Whether you prefer a jewelry armoire or a jewelry tree, there’s a storage solution for every collection.

Give yourself an early birthday present with a jewelry box or hone in on your creative side to build your own organizer.

Your goal is to keep all jewels safe from the elements, especially frustrating friction as they tangle together.

Image credit: Kotomi_