From medical breakthroughs in vaccines to the latest massage therapy, there is always a new item to try for health.

Pain management is a constant challenge for doctors and patients, balancing potentially addictive medicines with the ailment every appointment.

With the advent of magnetic health bracelets, more people are looking to this alternative pain management theory.

Although patients may applaud the best magnetic health bracelets, there is still much to learn about this product.

Is the Health Benefit of Magnetic Health Bracelets Real or Hoax?

How Magnetic Bracelets Work

Scientists have studied magnets for many decades. They have been using iron shavings to produce the electromagnetic field as a visual image on white paper.

These magnetic waves curve around the object as opposite poles resist one another. The human body itself is known to put out its own electromagnetic field.

For example, the muscles produce a weak field as they expand and contract with movement. Placing a magnetic bracelet on the wrist is said to alter the natural human electromagnetic field.

With this new force comes reduced pain from arthritis, for instance. Because patients continually wear the bracelet, they see chronic issues subside.

The Placebo Effect

It’s difficult to say these bracelets work for everyone because there is a stark placebo effect with each sale.

When people purchase the best magnetic health bracelet, they commit to its promised effect. They want to see pain management and expect it.

This willing acceptance of a product’s performance is often referred to as the placebo effect. You want the bracelet to work so you perceive it as working.

Pain isn’t as visual as a cut on the skin, however. You can see a cut healing over time, but you can’t see pain quantified as less or more.

It is simply your perception that the bracelet is working as advertised.

Studies Remain Elusive

Scientists yearn to have proof of the bracelets’ efficacy, but testing protocols are still elusive.

Tests require a control where subjects aren’t aware if their bracelets are magnetic or non-magnetic.

Because magnets are easily detected by any test subject, there are no tests where the placebo effect is removed.

As a result, all tests are considered inconclusive because they can’t control people’s wills regarding their bracelets’ success.

Until a more advanced scientific test can be devised, consumers must try the bracelets for themselves to make a final determination on success or failure.

Some Positive Effects Observed

Because some of the best magnetic health bracelets have been around for many years, there have been some promising scientific results, although they aren’t textbook testing protocols.

More than two studies have shown groups of bracelet-users seeing more pain management compared to another group using a non-magnetic bracelet.

Even weak magnets placed in bracelets don’t have the same pain management as the standard strong models.

These studies suggest the bracelets have some merit. Because magnetic bracelets aren’t a traditional drug for pain, you are free to try the product without a prescription.

Unlike buying the best jewelry where decision is largely determined by visual appeal, buying the best magnetic health bracelets involve entirely different set of considerations.

It is recommended that you talk to your doctor before wearing one to ensure it’s a smart move for your health.

As with all medical breakthroughs, the best magnetic health bracelets are truly beneficial on an individual basis.

Every patient won’t have the same results with these bracelets so it’s crucial to try the technology out for yourself.

Because it’s a passive product resting on your wrist, there are no harsh side effects currently reported.

If you find it works for you, pain management has another answer.

Image credit: Wendy