If this is the first time you are browsing for clip on earrings, you should consider getting a simple one first.

It can be just a stud with a precious stone, but trust me it’s one of the best jewelry investment that I made. Because these type of earrings are really everlasting.

When you run out of ideas of what to wear, back to basic, you will never go wrong with diamond or pearl stud clip on earrings.

Currently there are lots of shops and boutiques selling custom jewelries and you can easily buy a good selection of earrings to clip on.

So honestly, you will never run out of styles to buy (just run out of money, LOL). So first step, get a nice and elegant one first.

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Emerald gem clip on earrings


If you run out of ideas for present for your girlfriend, get her a diamond. Or even when you just want to reward yourself.

Any woman loves diamonds may it be a ring, necklace, or earring. It’s beautiful and is something that she can be proud of.

It also brings out her elegance and sophistication in many ways. Well, actually you can also consider other gems instead of diamonds, like a sapphire, ruby, emerald or amethyst.

If you want to make it even more special, get the birthstone of the person that you buying the gems for.

Well, according to the ancient belief, these gemstones will bring good luck and health. Whether you believe it or not, it’s a nice gesture to give this to the person that you love.

 If you decided to buy gems, get those in the form of clip on earrings. Gem stud earrings might look very simple, but trust me, all fashionista love it!

There are many styles as well as designs with different sizes that are available over internet and jewelries stores, so you can take your time to window shop.

I personally prefer to shop online, it’s easier to browse around and most online shops show some reviews from other customers.

These people might not have the same preference as you, but I often find that their comments are useful.

Try Amazon, they have a huge selections of jewelries, including clip on earrings with competitive pricing.

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How to choose?

Well, if you are still confuse on how to choose earrings that you can wear with a simple clip, I normally follow these simple rules:

  • Choose the gems. If you have the budget, get a good size diamond. Otherwise, get your birthstone or the birthstone of the person that you are buying for.
  • Choose the shape of gems. For clip on women’s earrings, choosing a shape that compliments a woman face is the best. Or you can also choose a shape with a special message, like a heart :) .
  • Decide on the budget. If the budget is not an issue, you can skip this step.
  • Choose the metal materials, do you want gold,  gold plated, or silver. There are other types of metal, but I normally choose gold.
  • Decide on the style. Do you want a single stone or something with more complex design.
  • Start browsing.

Whichever you bought, the important thing is to get the one that suit your taste and personality.

Drop us some pictures or comments on your favorite gems or clip on earrings. We love to hear from you.

Pearl gem clip on earrings
Gem with rose gold clip on earrings
Classic cubic zirconia gem clip on earrings
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