Jewelry is a multifunctional accessory that can be worn to show off various things, can be used to create a look and can be worn for special occasions.

Jewelry is often given as gifts and can be purchased simply to enhance an outfit.

The best jewelry is jewelry that can be worn for multiple occasions and can be matched with nearly any outfit.

Many people have preferences over which jewelry is the best for them and most of the jewelry that people choose is dependent on their personal style and what they enjoy wearing.

You should always choose what you like in jewelry, but some pieces have benefits over others.

How to Decide the Best Jewelry Material for You

Yellow Gold vs White Gold: Which is the Better Option?

Gold jewelry comes in many different options, but the two most popular are yellow gold and white gold.

Yellow gold gives the traditional appearance of gold. It is often worn by people who are more traditional.

Yellow gold goes with nearly every color, but tends to look better in outfits that have a lot of warm tones in them.

It also works well with people who have warmer skin tones. Traditional gold is often used in wedding and engagement rings.

White gold appears silver, but it is longer lasting than traditional silver. Most white gold is coated with plating that is made out of the same materials as silver.

It is ideal for outfits that have cool tones such as blue and green. It works best with people who have cool skin undertones, like olive skin.

White gold is more popular among men than yellow gold.

Is Platinum Better than Gold?

Platinum is an alternative to gold and is constantly growing in popularity. Platinum is a premium metal that is extremely strong.

It is an ideal option over gold for people who need a piece of jewelry that will stand up to a lot of pressure and can be worn on a daily basis.

Platinum has a silver appearance, but is not as lustrous as silver. It has an understated elegance that is ideal for any type of outfit or skin tone.

It is easy to wear and does not require a lot of maintenance in the way that gold does. It is ideal for people who use their hands a lot.

Real Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia: Which Should You Get?

Diamonds and gold jewelry nearly always go hand in hand, but diamonds are not always the way to go.

While diamonds will match with everything, they are sometimes too valuable to wear on a daily basis.

They are not ideal for earrings since earrings can be easily lost. Cubic zircona is a man made diamond that is replicated in a laboratory setting.

They are not as valuable as diamonds and are easy to replace if they become lost.

People who have large diamond rings should consider investing in cubic zirconia replicas if they are going on vacation or if they are in an area where their diamonds could be easily stolen.

Cubic zirconia can be easily put into a pair of gold or platinum earrings as an alternative to diamonds.

With modern jewelry technology and the availability of replication methods, it is difficult to tell the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia with the naked eye.

Most jewelers need a loop or a diamond testing tool to determine whether a stone is a true diamond.

Whether you enjoy the look of yellow gold, love platinum or want all of your jewelry to be cubic zirconia. There are many options available on the market.

Despite the many options that are available in jewelry, you should always choose the best jewelry for you. Just like how the best jewelry armoire should be selected by its blend with the personal decor you have rather than someone else’s recommendation.

The best pieces will look good according to you and you will feel comfortable in them.

Image credit: Kim Alaniz