There are many reasons why clip on earrings for women are getting really popular.

Some people has some allergic reaction to piercing and some just feel that it’s more convenience.

As for me, I love it because I really hate needles :P . But whatever the reason, these types of earrings have been gaining popularity recently.

Imagine that you want to put earrings on your belly or your tongue or even extra earrings or your ear. You can do this easily with clip on earrings.

You can avoid all the hassle of piercing and whenever you want to try wearing earrings on a new part of your body you can immediately do it.

Another reason why it’s getting popular is because earrings are getting bigger in size.

Wearing a big and heavy earring is unhealthy. Reports show it might stretch your earlobe or even tear it.

Don’t be mistaken. Clip on earrings that are too big and heavy are still not too be used for a long period of time. But since it’s easy to put on, you just carry it in your handbag and put it on when you reached your destination. It’s really convenient.

Well, if you look around, you will see that actually clip on earrings are also popular with men.

Nowadays, although it’s quite common for men to wear earrings, but it might not suitable to wear earrings to office or even to have piercing.

So, some men prefer to use clip on earrings instead.

Body clip on earrings for women

As a women, there are times when you feel like dressing more adventurously. Some women simply want to put on rings on different part of your body, not only your ear.

If you are looking to add gorgeous clip-on earrings to your best jewelry line-up, heare are some of the readily available clip on rings.

  • belly navel: well ladies, if you want to show off those months of dieting and workout with some belly shirts, try wearing this. It will definitely turn heads wherever you go.
  • nose: when you have a girls night out and just want to look different, nose clip on rings will suit you. It is a bold fashion statement (most people can’t differentiate right away a clip on  from a pierced one). It is also a good conversation topic.
  • tongue: if you feel like dressing a little naughty, or just planning to go to a rock concert, this certainly will fit your style.
  • ear: this is probably the most common one. There are different part of your ears that can be pierced and you can even consider wearing more than a pair of earrings. You can even wear clip on earrings on the cartilage of your ear.

The Different Materials Used to Make Clip On Earrings

Gold is the most common jewelry material, but there are many other interesting materials used for clip on earrings for women.

What are they? Here are some of the most popular materials:

  • Various metal type. Eg. stainless steel, brass, and copper. If you have a history of allergic reaction with metal, it’s probably best to stay away from these types. These metal are much cheaper than gold and there are also plenty designs available which means, you can change your style as often as you like without hurting your pocket.
  • Gold plated. If you are allergic to metal but have no issue with gold, you can consider to buy this type.
  • Plastic. Normally some simpler model comes in plastic. Unfortunately, these types don’t have many varieties and normally these types are clip on earring for kids. It’s also often difficult to find a pure plastic one, as the clipping mechanism is still often made from stainless steel.

Best Place to Shop for Beautiful Clip On Earrings

There are many online shops selling clip on earrings for women or for men, but I prefer shopping online where you can shop from the comfort of your house.

I bought quite a number of mine from Amazon. They have good selections and return policy. If you found other places which sells a good selection of clip on earrings for women, for men, or even for kids, let us know.

Happy Shopping!