If you are planning to buy clip on earrings and trying to find out more about the styles available, you come to the right place.

Everyone has his or her own style, but most people that I know own at least a pair of diamond studs.

It is probably just a simple jewelry, but it can really emphasize your looks and style. You can wear it everyday to office or a classy dinner date, and it will not be out of place.

Well, simplicity often makes the best jewelry.

Mother-Of-Pearl Inlay C.Z. Diamond Studs Clip With Post Earrings


The Different Types of Diamond Stud Clip-On Earrings

If you are looking for earrings to clip on, you must be like me, not so keen to go anywhere near a needle :) .

Well, fortunately, nowadays there are many choices for such people like you and me. Some of the most popular styles are:

  • Ear cuff. This type of clip earrings has a curved band made of metal that is well-pressed into the helix of someone’s ear. It usually stays in there by pinching the ear.
  • Magnetic. As what it names says, magnetic earring attaches the ear through the use of magnets. Though for some they consider it unsafe but for others they feel comfortable wearing this because it is from infection and painless to use. If you are buying diamond studs clip on earrings, it is best to avoid this type, as the magnet often is not very strong, so you might drop it accidentally.
  • Stick-on. Stick on earring has an adhesive component that allows the earring to hold on to the skin of your earlobe.
  • Ear hook. It actually looks like a fish hook but big enough to hang over the ear
  • Ear screws. This last one is in form of a screw. If the stud is a precious and an expensive gem then this one is something that you should choose for your earrings.

What kind of Diamonds for Diamond Studs?
I love diamonds. It is really beautiful and the value is maintained overtime, so if you need a different style you can consider to sell it and  get another one.

Nowadays, some shops may even let you do this directly with them. Buying diamonds may it be of different styles and designs must follow the 4C’s of diamond, carat, cut, clarity, and color.

  • The carat of the diamond is size and weight of a diamond. The bigger it is, the more expensive is the price. But bigger is not always better.
  • The cuts on the other hand define how polish the diamond is. According to experts, a well cut diamond sparks brighter while poor cut makes a diamond looks dull. A well cut smaller diamond will look  bigger than its size, I can assure you that.
  • The third C tells about clarity and it refers to the internal characteristic of diamond. The clearer the diamond, the more expensive it is. Fortunately, not all diamond flaws are visible to naked eyes. So you are on a tight budget, you can choose those diamonds with minor flaws, but not really visible.
  • The last C here is the color of the diamond that you will buy. It varies from colorless to light yellow, with the colorless will be the most expensive one. Again, most people can’t differentiate a slightly yellowish color, unless you see a colorless diamond side by side with a loupe. So, you don’t have to choose the perfect colorless one.

If you are buying a diamond, you must buy the one with a certificate.

The certificate will certify that the diamond studs is real and the property of the diamonds will be reflected in the certificate.

 Then you can also ask a trusted jeweler interpret it for you.

Well after that long list of things to check, I think the most important thing is choose the one that you like.

Sometimes it might not have the best specification on paper but jewelry is something really personal, so follow your heart.

Best Place to Buy Diamond Stud Clip-On Earrings

There are not many jewelry shops that are selling clip on earrings, moreover ones that comes with diamond studs.

But fortunately Amazon sells quite a wide variety of styles.

I mostly bought from them.

But if you still can’t find what you are looking for, get a loose diamond and clip on earrings converter and make your own earrings that can clip.

Alternatively, you can bring the loose diamond to a local jeweler to be converted to clip on earrings of your choice.

If you have some styles of clip on earrings that you like, drop us a comment, we love to know :) .

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