Essential prom jewelry items

When you go to prom, you often think about the best dress, the best shoes and the best hairstyles, but one thing that you may forget about is the jewelry that you are going to wear to match the rest of your prom night ensemble.

Make sure that you check out the best prom jewelry for strapless dress, the best options and everything else that you will need to know when it comes to choosing the prom jewelry that is essential to having the prom night of your life.

Stay Glamorous with Gold or Silver Jewelry

Gold prom jewelry is a great and classic option. It goes great with any color that you may be wearing- even silver! You can choose to wear all gold jewelry or mix it up with silvers, white gold or even rose gold.

Make sure that you find a piece that stands out. For example, if you have a sweetheart neckline on your dress, wear a large pendant gold necklace.

If you are wearing your hair up, make sure that you wear a pair of gold hoop earrings in your ears.

Bracelets are generally not a great idea because they can snag and ruin your favorite dress, but you can do a diamond and gold tennis bracelet for a touch of classic look.

Silver prom jewelry is one of the most popular options for girls who are attending prom. It is a modern look and tends to be created for a younger crowd of people.

It is an excellent option no matter what color dress you are wearing and you can get different silver pieces to match any personality.

Consider getting silver balls for your ears and a silver chain for your neck. A thick chain works well with many different styles and does not even require you to wear a pendent on it in order for it to stand out with your outfit.

Stick with the Simple Classic Jewelry Pieces

If you’ve got a pink dress, a green dress or even a gold dress, pink prom jewelry is the best jewelry color that you’re going to want to go with.

Beautiful prom jewelry

You can get your gold in pink- a rose gold or you can simply get pink stones within your jewelry.

Since pink is a versatile color, you can get pink stones in a gold or silver colored jewelry. Just be sure that if you are wearing gold, you don’t put pink stones in a silver metal piece of jewelry.

You should also avoid being too matchey with your jewelry, consider getting different shaped pink stones.

Blue prom jewelry is great if you are wearing blue, if you are wearing yellow, if you are wearing orange or even if you are wearing a pink colored dress.

Blue goes with many different colors and can be very surprising. Consider going with an aquamarine colored blue for a fun play on your prom jewelry.

If you want a more dramatic effect, choose a dark bleu sapphire. You will turn heads and take breaths away with the blue prom jewelry you have chosen.

Glamorous prom night jewelry pieces

Black prom jewelry is a somewhat unexpected choice, but will look modern and attractive no matter what you are wearing.

Black goes with everything so you can make it match whatever dress you are wearing, but you may not want to do black and gold.

The colors do not clash, but they do not compliment each other. If you are wearing a black pendent, make sure that it is small enough as to not be overbearing of your outfit.

You can purchase black sapphires or black diamonds, with the former being a more affordable option especially when it comes to your prom jewelry.