You may have heard of someone giving you the “evil eye” from across the room, especially if it’s an old flame staring at you.

In the jewelry industry, however, the evil eye is actually a specific niche of mainly necklaces holding an artistic eye feature.

From gold evil eye jewelry to diamond evil eye jewelry. Purchasing one of these pieces is actually a nod to an ancient way of thinking.

What Does Evil Eye Symbolizes?

Evil Eye Origins

The idea of the evil eye dates back as far as 3,000 B.C. Ancient people walking about a common area would see others looking at them with envy.

If a person had a desirable wife or possessions, the evil eye was cast upon a person out of envy. A person receiving the evil eye would undoubtedly have bad luck afterward.

To avoid this look, people wore talisman beads or evil eyes. Any gaze was essentially reflected back to the person for their bad luck to resume.

Traditional Jewelry Colors

Regardless of the style, such as gold evil eye jewelry or an evil eye necklace, the basic design uses one eye set on a blue background.

Jewels and stones often decorated this eye to show strength against the gazer. Each culture adds its own colors based on local lore and beliefs.

Red is lucky in some Jewish cultures whereas blue is sacred in the Middle East for its connection to precious water.

More than just Necklaces

Using evil eye jewelry for men is often reserved for necklace styles. When a person casts the evil eye, the pendant quickly reflects it away.

However, this ancient concern has found its way into other jewelry designs. Find a true evil eye on rings, anklets and bracelets.

You may have several different styles directly on a charm bracelet, especially if you’re a collector.

Diamond evil eye jewelry is especially valuable with the gem’s facets reflecting light rays that are often visible in bright conditions.

Modern Uses

Aside from charm bracelets and standard necklaces, you’ll find the evil eye decorating many jewelry designs.

Enthusiasts collect the evil eye wherever it may be integrated. From rings to pendants, collectors keep these designs in jewelry boxes and displays to enjoy the pieces as art.

Other people solely collect them for good luck. Don’t be surprised that some people still hold strong belief in the meaning attached to the pendants they are wearing.

They may wear a different jewelry piece each day depicting the evil eye, protecting them regardless of the dress occasion.

Alternative Jewelry Uses

Wearing the evil eye on rings, necklaces and bracelets can become overkill for an outfit.

When people don’t want to wear the jewelry one day, they typically carry it on their person. They want the luck the item supposedly brings.

The best jewelry items featuring the evil eye can be found in a pocket, purse or wallet, for example. Other people want to display the evil eye jewelry in the home when they’re not wearing it.

Hanging necklaces and other pieces on the wall or from a jewelry tree makes a boring wall come alive with an interesting conversation piece.

Whether you believe in the evil eye or not, this jewelry type is incredibly intricate and collectible for its unusual application of color and design.

An evil eye jewelry necklace, for example, could catch a desired person’s interest while creating conversation without effort.

From a talisman to collectible, even evil eye jewelry for men is desired by many people from different cultures.