Are you thinking of getting a gift for that special someone in your life? You probably do and that is the reason why you are looking for an infinity necklace.

As the saying goes, many friends come and go into our life but few leaves footprint in our hearts. Whether you are buying the best jewelry gift for your best friend, girlfriend, fiancee, spouse, daughter or your mom, necklace with infinite-shaped pendant makes perfect gift.

There are plenty of options that you can choose from, depending on your budget. When buying a gift, remember that it is the thought that matters but in the end, you do not want to buy a lousy gift if that person receiving your gift means a lot to your, right?

Set a budget that is at your comfortable level. Do not overspend and do not spend too little.


Picture of infinity necklace


The infinity symbol originates from Greek literature. First used by Greek’s mathematician, infinity is used to represent a system that has no end and no beginning.

In laymen term, you can see it as no beginning and no end. When applied to a relationship, it is often interpreted as everlasting relationship that has lasts for eternity. What about the meaning it symbolizes when used as jewelry?

When you give an infinite-shaped pendant necklace to one of the most important person in your life, it is as good as saying that you hope your relationship with her will never end. That expresses how much you cherish your relationship together.

4 Very Beautiful Infinity Necklaces for Every Budget

I have scouted 4 of the most beautiful infinity necklace for different budget range.

While some of you might not totally agree with my list, I’m quietly confident that majority of you would love what you are going to see below.

Enjoy and hope you the perfect infinity necklace for your special one!

Most Beautiful Infinity Necklace for Less than $50

If $50 is the budget that you have set, there are many options but only few are good. My best catch for less than $50 is the 16-inches sterling silver infinity necklace.

This infinity pendant resembles that of numeric ’8′. While this inifinity necklace is beautiful and perfect as a gift, do take note of the chain length. At 16-inch, many who have bought this piece found its chain to be too small.

While you may not be able to measure the exact neck width of your recipient (otherwise it would not be a surprise anymore, would it?), you can gauge roughly if 16-inch is too small for her.

The main reason why this necklace piece cost less than $50 is the sterling silver material used. Design-wise, it looks more expensive and elegant than it appears.

Most Beautiful Necklace with Infinity Pendant for Less than $100

Beautiful collection of diamond infinity pendant


With $100 budget, your option is widening and you have more variety to choose from. I have gone through large number of necklaces with infinity pendants that cost between $50 and $100.

The good news is, of all the infinity necklaces that I’ve seen, the one that ended up being my pick cost much less than $100. In fact, it is only slightly more than $50.

If you have extra room to expand the $50 budget, you are in for a treat. This beautiful necklace with the infinity pendant on it comes with 18-inch long chain. It is long enough for average ladies.

The best part of this necklace is the shape of the infinity pendant. If you are looking for an infinity symbol that does not look too obvious, this would be it.

The pendant comes with drops of diamonds but they are too small and you should not put so much weight into it when you are making your buying decision.

Most Beautiful Necklace with Infinity Pendant for Less than $150

Beautiful collection of double infinity pendant


The most beautiful infinity necklace worth less than $150 goes to this 18-inch long necklace with double infinity pendant on it. If infinity represents no end, what would double infinity means?

I leave it to you to answer the question.

What I like about this piece is the vertically instead of horizontally arranged infinity symbol. If you prefer something that looks tall and slim, this might suit your taste. With the double symbol, you know where the extra $ you pay for ended up in.

Most Beautiful Necklace with Infinity Pendant for More than $200

Image of heart-shaped infinity pendant


If sky is the limit, the option is always endless. But let me not take you too far.

At slightly more than $200, I think you would already be able to afford a decent infinity necklace. Anything that is beyond this price range, would certainly consists of precious gems and golds.

Picking the most beautiful necklace would then be much more complicated as it would involve such things as gems clarity, cutting, quality etc.

Hence, I would instead stick with the simplest option for now. For slightly more than $200, this heart-tangled infinity pendant is one of the most stunning piece of necklace that I’ve come across.

If you want something different from the normal infinite symbolic shape, this piece of necklace is awesome.


When it comes to jewelry, taste and preference is unique to every individual. While what you’ve just seen are the most beautiful inifinity pendant necklace to me, not everyone will agree.

So, for the rest of you who thinks otherwise, here is my bonus for you. I’ve scouted hundreds of infinity pendant design. Before finally narrowing down to the top 4 that you’ve seen above, here are all the other designs that made it to my curation list.

I’m sure there’s something for everyone here!

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Picture of 14K white gold infinity pendant in tear shape
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