Do You Know the Meaning of the Pendant You’re Wearing?

Pendants are a great way to express your personality and to let others know the things you are interested in.

Pendants can simply be worn for decoration or they can have deeper meanings to them.

Some of the most popular things with meanings are elephant necklaces, evil eye necklaces, horseshoe necklaces and infinity necklaces.

These necklaces have various meanings and can be worn for looks as well as the fortunes that they each bring.

Choosing which one you should wear is dependent on what you like and what you want your pendant to do for you.

Pendant Meaning Bible

#1: Elephant Necklaces

An elephant necklace is often symbolic of luck. This is the most common meaning of an elephant and a pendant is known to bring luck to the person who is wearing it.

Whether the pendant is made out of metal, stones or is carved out of something else, it will be able to bring a great amount of luck to the wearer.

Many people have different beliefs on the luck that an elephant necklace will bring and one of such is that the trunk of the elephant must be pointing up in order for the pendant to bring luck to the wearer.

Elephant necklaces can be given to people as a gift and will have extra special meaning if you are wishing the person good luck at the same time that you are giving them the necklace.

#2: Evil Eye Necklaces

An evil eye necklace is used as an amulet to ward off bad spirits and harmful creatures. It is intended to spook them and to keep them from coming back.

Since giving someone a piece of jewelry with the evil eye can be indicative of coming death or injury, you should only purchase an evil eye necklace for yourself.

Evil eye necklaces will protect you from bad spirits and can help keep you calm in situations where there are many bad spirits.

Along with the symbolic meaning of the evil eye, it is also a very popular fashion piece.

It has been worn by many different celebrities who believe that it will keep them safe from people who do not like them and spirits who wish to do harm to them.

It is an ideal piece of jewelry for people who seek to be protected from bad spirits.

#3: Infinity Necklaces

An infinity necklace is a symbol that something is eternal and will last forever.

An infinity necklace is one of the best jewelry that can be given to a lover, a best friend or a sister to show that the bond that is between you and the person will last for infinity.

Infinity is the Greek symbol for never ending. Infinity symbols are popular on modern culture and are able to be worn as a statement piece.

Their meaning is symbolic, but they are also simply beautiful pieces that can be worn on a daily basis.

Many people choose to get matching infinity pendants with the ones that they love. This is to show that their everlasting bond is a mutual one.

Infinity pendant necklaces are not only beautiful but they will always remind you of your everlasting bonds.

Now You Know that Pendants are not All about Aesthetics

Choosing a necklace for a loved one or for yourself should not always be based on simple aesthetic reasons, but should be an accurate portrayal of something that you want to say to other people.

Knowing what different pendants are symbolic of will allow you to choose a necklace that is perfect for your situation without simply relying on aesthetic reasons.

To make sure you get the best necklace, always choose a necklace that has the message you want to say and looks good on you or your loved one.

Image credit: Count Rushmore