What was initially invented as charm to repeal bad luck or amulete to cause bad luck to the person directed against, evil eye has nowadays become very much just another fashion ornaments.

In such countries as Turkey and Afghanistan where evil eye ornament can be found in almost every home, it has today become much part of a tourist attraction.

Regardless of your intention for getting an evil eye necklace, there are plenty of beautiful catches for every budget range that you have.

To help you cut short the time required to find the perfect necklace, I have curated a list of best selling evil eye for the different budget size.

The Best Evil Eye Necklace Curation

#1 Best-selling Evil Eye Necklace for Less than $50

Picture of triangular mystical evil eye pendant


Did you know the evil eye was not initially a symbol of ill intent but a glyph meant to watch out for and protect a person?

Evil eye necklaces are becoming more popular these days as more people realize this fact and discover something they can use to watch out for their own well being.

For less than $50 you too can join the craze and get yourself a necklace from GirlPROPS. The price is actually a lot closer to $15 so don’t go thinking you’re getting ripped off for this enamel and steel charm. With free shipping you can get this cheap.

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#1 Top-selling Evil Eye Pendant for Less than $100

Image of vibrant hamsa evil eye necklace


The evil eye comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties, so even if the pyramid style doesn’t work for you that doesn’t mean you won’t find one you like.

The Artazia Collection has an affordable evil eye necklace and for less than $100 you can get the protecting hand over your heart.

While the true purpose of this necklace is to protect its wearer from another evil eye, it is obvious the maker believes that eye symbol carries some real strength.

With one of these around your neck you’re sure to have a better chance of warding off harmful spirits and general malaise.

#1 Top Evil Eye Pendant Pick for Less than $150

Black Diamond Evil Eye Necklace


Diamonds represent the hardest stone known to humanity. They are the epitome of density and firmness, though even diamonds can be cut with the right tools.

An evil eye necklace made with black diamonds seems eerily right and proper. Coby Madison Jewelry can get you just what you want for less than $150, so don’t think it’s going to cost a fortune for protection which is also stylish.

There are actually 33 diamonds in total but they are all admittedly small. The pendant and chain are made from solid silver but do not weigh very much. This is still a stunning piece of jewelry.

The Most Beautiful Evil Eye Pendant Necklace for Less than $200

14k Yellow Gold Diamond and Light Blue Enamel Evil Eye Pendant


Victoria Kay has created a luxurious evil eye necklace for people with less than $200 to spend, as long as those folks are willing to pick it up now while the sale price is in effect.

The light blue eye in the center of this pendant may be made of toned enamel but the gold setting and chain are very real, as are the diamonds surrounding the central evil eye.

This is a necklace which is sure to grab attention and keep it, so you might not want to get this one if you don’t wish to be a provocative person.

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The Ultimate Evil Eye Pendant (More than $200)

XPY Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Evil Eye with Diamond Accent Pendant Necklace


All of the above choices are aesthetically pleasing; they’re fine to look at and you’ll feel good wearing them.

However, if you have more than $200 to spend and you’re looking for a really amazing evil eye necklace, you can get it from XPY Jewelers.

You have a choice of which stones you want to use for the eye’s center. While you can choose black diamonds, it might not be the best option. They just don’t do the jewelry justice in this case.

You’ll want to go with the crisp, clean, blue topazes. These stones push the price up past $400 so this evil eye necklace isn’t the best jewelry for everybody.

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