DIY jewelry armoire

You’re probably familiar with basic jewelry boxes, but these compact spaces always tangle those beautiful elephant necklaces as you also lose earring after earring in small interior crevices.

For women who takes pride with her best jewelry collection, an antique jewelry armoire is a much better storage space than a box. This classic furniture piece is generally several feet tall with at least seven drawers.

Coupled with a lifting lid and huge mirror on top, a traditional black jewelry armoire tends to be expensive when purchased outright.

If you’re able to find a used or forgotten armoire, use some of these tips to beautify it immediately.

Don’t Throw Out Your Old Jewelry Armoire Before Reading this Tutorial

Sand the Wood

The majority of armoires are made of real wood. If your piece has many nicks and scratches, sand the surface lightly to rejuvenate the wood.

Power sanders with a high-grit sandpaper give a light sanding to the surface without cutting too deeply into the wood.

If you aren’t comfortable with power tools, sanding by hand is possible. Ask a few helpers to work with you if manual sanding is necessary.

Image of old antique jewelry armoire

Clean out the Drawers

Whether the armoire was in an attic or bought from a yard sale, the drawers are probably full of some old debris.

Wrappers and dust are usually the only items found, but you could be lucky to find an old jewelry relic.

Wipe out the drawers too using a damp cloth. Avoid wetting the wood, however.

Allow the drawers to remain out of the main armoire body until they are completely dry from wiping.

Check for Construction Durability

Give the armoire and its drawers a few shakes to see the construction in action.

These furniture pieces could be decades old so you want to know if nails are holding true.

There should be no loose drawer walls or guides on the armoire itself. Use the right tool to tighten all loose fasteners and make the piece brand new again.

Add Drawer Liners or Pads

With the drawers still pulled from the main body, add liners or pads to the interior. When you lay necklaces down, for instance, you want them to have a protected area to avoid scratching the jewels or the armoire itself.

Liners and pads come in numerous styles and shapes. Shop around to match your personality with the right liner.

Accent with Paint

Pull out the paint brush and favorite color to make your armoire brand new. Some furniture fans try bold colors, such as navy blue, to match a room.

Other decorators choose a more neutral color, including cream. In contrast, you can also try staining the bare wood.

A deep wood color is dramatic in any bedroom.

Picture of used white jewelry wardrobe

Switch out the Hardware

Unless the hardware is valuable in some way, remove all the handles and find modern replacements.

With the paint or stain all dry, new hardware completes the armoire’s brand new look. Brass, stainless steel and other materials are perfect as hardware to complement the overall armoire.

When you push the armoire against a wall, no one will ever know the piece was used. After discovering a traditional jewelry armoire, do a little research before changing anything about it.

In some rare instances, an antique jewelry armoire could actually be historic or vintage for its original wood and hardware.

If the furniture isn’t valued in that aspect, put your own personal touches into play for a unique household addition.