Rhinestone brooches are useful pieces of jewelry that can be used in many creative ways.

From simply pinning them to the chest of your dress, to pinning a wrap or a shawl close, or drawing attention to your accessories such as your hats, scarves, or belts, or even to dress up your most casual clothes, rhinestone brooches have the power to completely increase the level of complexity in your outfit with the slightest touch.

A rhinestone is an animation diamond that adds sparkle to your pieces of jewelry or other adornments.

Rhinestone brooches are quite sophisticated, and we will discuss five of the most elegant rhinestone brooches here today.

5 Amazing Rhinestone Brooches to Add to Your Best Jewelry Collection

#1 Best Value for Money

For a rhinestone brooch that you can buy on a budget, we suggest Bundle Monster Womens Fancy Vintage Clear Crystal Bling Bezel Flower Fashion Brooch Mixed Lot.

The Bundle Monster Mixed Lot rhinestone brooches, include four beautiful brooches, measuring about 6-7 cm (2.5 to about 3 inches).

The four brooches are covered with rhinestones and are available in different sets and styles, and cost about $18.

This means that for less than twenty dollars, you get four unique, and different brooch that you can match with different styles of closing to add glamor, and glitter to your outfit.

The pins, have a wonderful shine under both natural and artificial lighting, giving the pieces the ability to be worn on any dress.

White or black outfits would complement these pieces best.

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#1 Selling Butterfly Rhinestone Pin Brooch

The Empress Monarch Purple Winged Butterfly Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Pin Brooch, is a beautiful butterfly pin brooch covered with different color rhinestones.

This brooch will easily attract any viewer’s attention, and will complement your spring and summer clothes wonderfully.

Because of its colors, the brooch can be worn under any lighting, as with the change of lighting, it will display its different capabilities.

This piece would be best worn as a part of an accessory.

Simply Stunning Vintage Crystal Heart Pin Brooch

For those who love pearls above and beyond all, the Vintage Crystal Heart Pearl Drop Silver Tone Brooch Pin, satisfies their desire.

Of all the rhinestone brooches, this vintage brooch is among the most beautiful.

It is made up of a beautiful heart shape pin frame with hundreds of small rhinestones, encircling a dangling pearl in the middle.

This pin is quite simple, and can be worn with night dresses, as well as dresses intended for more casual parties.

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Gorgeously Feminine Rhinestone Brooch

Speaking of brooches that can be worn both casually and formally, the Vintage Tone Elegant Cream White Resin Enamel Rose Crystal Rhinestone Pin Brooch will provide a sweet rose to sit and shine on any outfit.

The rhinestones on this brooch are set on its leaves with few different mellow colors, and one rhinestone proudly shines on one of the rose petals.

Exotic Yellow Topaz Bumble Bee Pin Brooch

For those who would like to wear something truly unique, there’s the Yellow Topaz Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Bumble Bee Brooch Pin, showered with yellow rhinestones.

This brooch, is one of the most attention grabbing among the rhinestone brooches.

Because of its 18K gold, and its yellow rhinestones, this brooch will shine with an unparalleled intensity. One of those items that I consider a must-have in anyone’s best jewelry collection.