After a long search, I finally found my dream wedding dress. It’s an strapless satin gown decorated with rhinestones and crystal sequins.

I wasn’t confident ordering a wedding dress at Amazon, but everything turns out great! The pictures of the dress really don’t justify the actual dress.

You really have to consider getting a dress with rhinestones, they are really beautiful. These crystals will give the wedding dress extra sparkle while still remain elegant.

Don’t forget to get a matching veil with some rhinestones too, it will enhance your dress and accessories.

Rhinestones colors

Rhinestones are originated from rock crystals from the river Rhine in eastern Swiss Alps. One of the major producer of these crystals are Swarovski.

They come with different shapes and colors. Like diamonds, the better the cut, the more it sparkles. While seen as inferior to diamonds, rhinestones is widely used in some of the best jewelry designs that I’ve seen.

Choose at least an eight-facet cut ones. As for the color, depends on the color of your dress, you should choose something that compliment your dress.

These are some of the popular Swarovski colors:

  • Crystal: this is a clear color, which is very similar to diamond. It’s the most popular color for wedding gowns.
  • transparent: there are various colors available which are inspired by other precious gems like amethyst, tanzanite, emerald, ruby, and topaz.
  • Aurora Borealis: often called AB, this is a light rainbow treatment that makes the surface shimmer. Most of the colors also comes with AB treatment ones, so you have plenty of choices.

If you are going to custom made your gown, choose Swarovski rhinestones. For the best shine, you should choose the xilion rose cut, which has 14 facets to maximize the brilliance.

Even if you decided to order online, you can always order some extra stones to put on the dress or the veil.

Well, that’s what I’m planning to do :) .

The dress that I ordered have some rhinestones on it, but I’m going to add some more to make it looks even more stunning.

As for the veil, I fell in love with a long laced veil, but it doesn’t have a scatter crystals like a shorter veil do.

So I’m planning to add those extra Swarovski crystals to the veil too.

Artwedding Strapless Satin Ball Gown with Ruffle Wedding Bridal Veil Satin Edge

Methods to apply rhinestones to dresses

Since these rhinestones are designed for clothes and accessories, they can be easily set into your dress.

These are the various methods to set them onto a fabric:

  • Hot fix: these come with heat activated glue that will melt when heated to around 340 degree. This means that you can easily use iron or a special tool to stick these rhinestones. But check whether the materials of your dress can withstand the heat.
  • Silver foil back: consider to get this type, if you are going to put the rhinestones onto some accessories or dresses that can’t withstand heat. You need to apply a glue to fix the stones into your dress. The best glue for this purpose is E6000.
  • Sew on: this type has 2 holes that you can sew onto your dress. It’s more long lasting, but it is not as easy to fix.
Swarovski Crystal Hotfix Flatback Rhinestone Xilion Rose ss20 BeJeweler Pro - Professional Swarovski Hotfix Rhinestone Applicator Kit

Whichever method you are going to use, please try it first with a small amount on a piece of throwaway fabric or small surface of your dress or veil.

Please send us a picture of your creation or your chosen gown.

Have fun!