Vintage bridal hair style

Finding the perfect hair style to go with your bridal hair accessories is easy and will allow your head to look as beautiful as the rest of you on your wedding day.

Whether you have chosen bridal flower hair accessories, bridal hair headbands, bridal pearl accessories or vintage bridal accessories, you will be able to find a hairstyle that will go with your chosen hair accessories.

Be sure that your hair matches the rest of you. Be sure that it blends nicely with your accessories. Be sure that it does not clash with the best jewelry you’ve got for the big night.

5 Simple Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

Knowing the Different Types of Hair Accessories

Bridal hair accessories can be everything from sprigs of flowers to small birdcage veils, from rhinestone pins to pins of pearls placed in the hair.

If you have smaller accessories, consider styling your hair down to show off the accessories.

Create large barrel curls for a dramatic effect. These curls can be created using extra large heated rollers or with the use of a 2 inch or larger curling iron.

Consider using a light hairspray mist to keep the hair and accessories in place throughout the wedding events.

Bridal Flower Hair Accessories

Bridal flower hair accessories are very trendy and can be made to match any type of wedding or hair style.

If you have shorter hair, consider flat ironing your hair back and pinning the flower behind your ear.

This will allow the hair as well as the flower to stand out without being too overpowering.

If your hair is longer, you can do the same but you may want to make it more wavy than straight for a more natural effect.

Bridal Hair Headbands

Bridal hair headbands are a simple way to add functionality to bridal hairstyles for long hair.

The headband will work to keep your hair back in place without falling down or getting in the way of your wedding events.

The headband can be used with the hair up. Consider creating a low chignon or messy bun with the hair tucked into the back.

Place the headband where it will sit in the hair and pull some pieces out of the front to make the look not appear as harsh because headbands can sometimes make the hair look slicked back.

Bridal Pearl Accessories

If you are having a very feminine or traditional wedding with a more traditional wedding dress and accessories, you may have bridal pearl accessories in your collection.

Carry the timeless look of pearls over to your hairstyle.

You can wear your hair up in a tall bun and stick pearl hair pins throughout the bun while pulling wispy pieces down.

You can also purchase pearl hair combs to hold your hair back throughout your wedding and reception.

A Touch of Vintage

Vintage bridal accessories are among the most popular wedding accessories that are available on the market.

Tarnished silver looks, faded pearls and yellowed diamonds will lend the vintage look to any wedding.

Use these objects in your hair to keep your vintage look streamlined. Consider creating small braids in the hair and pinning it up with dark silver pins.

You can also create one long braid and accessorize it will flower spray or with small fun objects that keep in tact with the vintage theme.

Be Comfortable with Yourself

No matter what type of wedding you have or the dress that you are wearing, you will probably need to find the perfect hairstyle to go with it.

You should always be sure that you feel comfortable with the hairstyle. Even if everyone in your wedding party loves the hairstyle, you should never stick with it if you do not like it.

Make sure that the style you choose and the accessories you use in your hair match your wedding dress and the theme of the wedding to avoid contrasting with your wedding.

Image credit: Faylyne and Tracie Howe