Your overflowing large black jewelry armoire is a blessing of sentimental pieces and gorgeous gems to show off at parties and other celebrations.

If you only open your jewelry box once a month, for example, you’ll notice the stark difference time and neglect make on those sterling silver baby elephant necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Whether you wear a piece every day or once a year, there are plenty of DIY jewelry cleaning techniques you can apply at home.

Practical Tips on How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

Bubble it Up

One of the most common jewelry combinations is gold and gemstones. To clean your best jewelry treasures, mix club soda with several drops of dish detergent.

Regardless of your caution, debris, lotion and even dry skin become lodged in gemstone prongs and crevices.

Dip the jewelry into this mixture for about 5 minutes. The detergent is a degreasing component, whereas the club soda breaks down debris so it easily sloughs off.

Take the best jewelry wipes to the items after the bath to remove any residual debris and shine the surface.

Stubborn Debris

Even the best jewelry cleaner can miss some debris stuck within an intricate setting. After soaking the jewelry, it’s perfectly safe to take a soft bristle brush to the setting.

Carefully work the bristles into crevices to remove debris without harming the finish. Keep the bristles away from the gemstones, however.

Slight scratches may occur, depending on the gem’s hardness.

Jewelers often sell specialized brushes to truly reach all crevices instead of you relying on a standard brush, including old toothbrushes.

Polishing Cloth Magic

Sometimes a little friction is the difference between a lustrous or blemished surface.

Silver is notorious for its tarnish abilities, reacting with the surrounding air and moisture.

To keep your silver beautiful, pull it out periodically to simply rub it down. Use an approved cloth and wipe at the surface.

This friction reduces tarnish from invading the silver, giving you jewelry with flair.

Neglected silver requires tarnish remover with a polish cloth to regain your jewelry’s original look.

Boil It

Gold rings and necklaces are common pieces worn by millions, but their popularity causes them to have a flat appearance.

Boil some water and add the jewelry to it for about 30 seconds. The heat and agitated water forces oils, grease and grime to melt away from the jewelry.

Pull the jewelry out with tongs, allowing it to rest on a nearby towel. Gold and gemstones look completely transformed with this boiling method.

Don’t leave the jewelry in the water for too long. Glues holding settings in place may fail, causing the gemstone to slip out of the setting.

Baking Soda to the Rescue

Diamond rings are often cleaned with baking soda. The fizzing nature of the substance dislodges debris and forces grease off the surfaces.

With a 1:1 ratio, add baking soda to water and mix. Using a soft bristle brush, apply this solution to the best jewelry you have with a gentle hand.

Don’t allow the baking soda to remain on the jewelry. Simply rinse it off and polish the item with a cloth.

You’ll notice the difference in cleanliness the moment the item is dry. The best jewelry cleaner may just be your diligent care.

Wipe down gems and favorite necklaces with the best jewelry wipes you can find. Cleaning tools are easily purchased, used and discarded, but your jewelry is priceless when cared for properly.

Image credit: Jonathan Khoo