Pearls are Beautiful but They Demand Attention

From wild to man-made pearls. Pearls are unique to all their settings, including pink pearl jewelry.

Unlike rock-hard diamonds, pearls are a sensitive gem requiring specific care to retain their lustrous glow.

One wrong cleaning session can literally mar a pearl’s surface for life. Following some simple pearl jewelry care tips ensures your best jewelry collection will last for decades.

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Pearls in Tip-Top Condition

Everyday Care

Simple pearl jewelry, such as rings and pendants, are easy to care for each day you wear them.

After enjoying them around your neck, on a wrist or hand, take a soft cloth to each individual pearl.

The cloth removes any acidic sweat from the surface, allowing the pearl to retain its perfect tone each time you wear it.

Use the original pouch or box the pearls arrived in or place them in a separate section of that large black jewelry armoire you have. No other gems should rub against the pearls.

Storage No-Nos

Long-term storage of vintage pearl jewelry is dependent on air quality and the storage facility.

Avoid placing pearls directly in any plastic bag. The chemicals within plastic slowly eat away at the pearls’ surfaces.

Although it’s been traditional in the past, don’t store pearls in a safe deposit box. You need a storage area without dry air.

Some humidity is good for these organic gems. Also select flat storage instead of hanging options.

The string within bracelets, necklaces and anklets breaks down if hung.

Basic Cleaning

The best jewelry made out of real pearl needs a thorough cleaning periodically. This is especially if it’s worn consistently.

Dissolve some mild soap flakes into warm water and dip a manicure brush into the solution.

Carefully scrub each pearl with the brush using a gentle hand. Try to gain access to all crevices, especially the drilled holes.

You want to remove as much debris and unwanted films from the pearl as possible. Rinse the pearls off with cool water and lay the piece down on a towel to dry.

Avoid Cleaning Agents

The jewelry industry is full of advertised jewelry cleaning agents. These agents are claimed to readily fix pink pearl jewelry and all the others as well.

Unless you have specific information from a pearl professional, avoid any cleaning agents.

Other gems, such as diamonds, can take some of the harsh substances within these agents and still retain a gorgeous gleam.

Pearls are naturally soft and vulnerable to man-made chemicals. The luster could be lost or actual scratches and marks could appear across the pearl.

Avoid any damage by only cleaning with mild soap and water.

Clean Everyday Habits

Your favorite pearl jewelry ring should be worn on special occasions rather than every day to the supermarket.

Make it a point to put on your pearl jewelries only after you’ve used all your beauty products. These include lotions and hairsprays.

You don’t want a film of products across the pearls. Those chemicals will eat away your precious gem throughout the day.

If you must use a chemical, such as sunscreen, take off the pearls before application.

Keeping them as clean as possible preserves their beauty. Between proper jewelry storage and cleaning, even vintage pearl jewelry has a chance to look spectacular through the years.

Be aware of your care habits and pass that knowledge on to your children.

Real pearl jewelry often filters down through the generations, making grandma’s pearl jewelry ring a gorgeous relic from year’s past.

Image credit: Milica Sekulic