If you are looking for a great DIY jewelry storage idea, you have probably come across tons of different sites that have given you information on how to make different bracelet storage options.

While these are all great ideas, some of the best are the kind that are homemade…and cheap! Make sure that you follow the instructions to ensure that you get the best bracelet holder possible- with the best part being that you made it all on your own.

DIY bracelet holder tutorialImage of beautiful bracelet

Making Your Own Bracelet Holder is Not Too Hard

You want to start out by gathering your DIY jewelry storage idea supplies before you even begin.

You will need an old paper towel roll, a candle holder (from the dollar store), a hot glue gun, some paint and something to stabilize the paper towel roll with.

You can choose to use a dowel rod for this because it is much stronger, but the paper towel roll often works just as well.

Some people will suggest that you cover it with vinyl fabric to protect the jewelry, but paint will work just as well as long as you don’t mind it chipping a little bit.

If you choose to do vinyl, you will simply want to add it on top of the dowel rod or the paper towel roll before you begin.

Getting Started

You will first need to prep the paper towel roll. You can do this by cutting it straight up the center and rolling it up to a smaller shape.

This will ensure that you have a strong piece of paper towel roll and that you are not going to have a holder that collapses under the weight of your jewelry- you still do not want to put tons of jewelry onto the holder though because it could still collapse.

You can place a thin dowel underneath the towel roll because that will help it be more stable.

After you have rolled up the paper towel roll, you will need to attach it to the candle holder. You can do this using the hot glue gun or you can even use an extra strength glue like gorilla glue or super glue.

Simple DIY bracelet holderPicture of beautiful red bracelets

Keep in mind, gorilla glue will bubble up around the outside of the project so be sure that you are careful when you are using this.

You must hold it into place for a while to ensure that it is dry. Consider waiting a day or two before you paint it to ensure that the glue has completely dried.

Always let the glue become dry before you attempt to put any type of jewelry on it.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Once it is completely dry, you can paint it. This is the fun part because you can use your imagination.

You can paint the entire project one color or you can paint it different colors. Get creative and consider using masking tape on the project. This will allow you to create different patterns and awesome designs on your project.

The options are limitless on the way that you paint it. Consider using spray paint because this may be slightly easier to get the look of the project.

Once you are done, you can begin hanging your bracelets on the holder. This is a great option for any type of room.

It is affordable, easy to do and will add a touch of class to nearly any room that you are in.

This DIY jewelry storage idea was inspired from this post and was designed to give you an idea on how to create a great jewelry holder option without a ton of supplies or the cost of many of the bracelet holders.

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