Silver jewelry is an attractive and beautiful option. Silver always make up significant portion of our best jewelry collection. Many of us choose to wear on a daily basis.

Most sterling silver has a glowing luster that allows the jewelry to stand out, but this luster can quickly become faded with the oxidation of the metals that are in the silver.

Silver can last for a long time, but you must be sure to take good care of it.

Maintaining proper storage options and being sure to keep the jewelry clean with proper sterling cleaner will ensure that the silver lasts and stays beautiful for a very long time.

Simple Instructions on How to Store and Maintain Silver Jewelry Items

Silver Jewelry Organizer

The best jewelry storage option for your silver jewelry is to keep the jewelry in a box where it is protected.

A jewelry box will work best, but it is important that it is able to remain sealed.

It should also be fitted with protective padding and materials that will not allow the jewelry to become scratched.

Silver jewelry should be stored in special paper within the jewelry box.

Specialty jewelry stores and craft stores sell paper that is meant to keep the silver safe and to keep it from tarnishing.

Although the silver will be placed in a box, it should still be wrapped in paper when it is being stored for a long period of time.

The paper can be reused and will help keep the silver from reacting with the air and with other metals that are present in the jewelry box.

Clean Regularly using Jewelry Cleaner

Silver should be cleaned on a regular basis with a jewelry cleaner that is intended specifically for silver.

There are many jewelry cleaners that are available that are made to suit different jewelry needs.

Silver should never be cleaned with gold cleaner and should only be used for silver pieces. The silver cleaner is intended to keep the jewelry from becoming damaged.

Most silver cleaners include a basket and brush that allow the jewelry to be soaked.

The cleaner will have a recommended amount of time that the silver should sit in the solution depending on the chemicals that are used in the cleaner.

It should always be gently brushed and should not be scrubbed hard.

Use Jewelry Wipes

When there is not enough time to clean silver jewelry or it just needs to be cleaned off in between deep cleanings, a jewelry wipe can be used.

These wipes are intended for silver and will not cause the silver to oxidize in a way that other cleaners would.

The wipes are easy to find and can make wiping down silver an easy task. The silver jewelry should be removed from the box or the body and should be wiped down.

The wipes will take away any materials that are sitting on the jewelry, including dead skin and debris.

They will also take away some of the tarnishing that can occur on silver when it is worn on a daily basis.

It is generally recommended that wipes be used on silver every few days to keep it looking lustrous and shiny.

The wipes are generally not reusable.

Taking Care of Your Silver Jewelry is Easy

Taking care of your silver jewelry will ensure that it will last for a long time and will remain attractive and tarnish free throughout that time.

If you do not clean your silver on a regular basis and it becomes tarnished, there are some ways that it can be restored back to its natural luster.

Most professional jewelry companies are able to polish tarnished silver until it looks nearly the same as new.

Be sure that you always clean your jewelry properly after you have had it polished to avoid the necessity of repeating the polishing process.

Image credit: James Lashmar