Brooches are understated, and sometimes misunderstood pieces of jewelry that have many uses.

Vintage brooches as well as antique brooches can add sophistication and complexity as well as drama to ones overall appearance.

Vintage brooches in darker colors work perfectly for fall and winter clothes, and lighter antique and antiqued brooches can lighten up an outfit to suite spring or summer.

Moreover, brooches are available in a variety of designs, colors, and material that can both affect their price and purpose.

Brooches can be used to pin wraps, fabric belts, and scarfs, attract the eyes to a particular part of your closing that you’d like to draw attention to, or serve as a “necklaceā€ when worn over the color of a turtle neck sweater, adding glamor to your conservative winter clothes.


Vintage Brooches Swarovski Crystal Floral Brooch (Antique Gold)


Crystal decorated Rhinestone brooches, are especially beautiful when worn to places that there will be well lit such as balls, or a brunch or tea party in an outside setting.

If you are going to be attending parties with low lighting, choosing light colored crystal vintage brooches can help attract the attention.

This is because it will sweetly sparkle under the light. Crystals with higher clarity, of course have better shines.

One of the most beautiful vintage brooches is the Vintage Swarovski Crystal Floral Brooch.

This vintage brooch which has hundreds of mini crystals framed with an antique gold frame, costing only about $30 after tax.

Vintage Floral Crystal Cameo Antique Brooches (Silver Finish)


Pearls, are also exceptional at catching the light, and adding sophistication. The highest quality pearls make some of the best jewelry pieces.

Moreover, pearls have an air of mystery, and simplicity that is hardly ever matched by any other material.

Avalya’s Antique Gold Filigree Ivory Pearl Corsage Brooch, marries the antique brooch to contemporary and modern styles perfectly, making the brooch wearable with anything specially black dresses which will complement the jewelry piece tremendously.

In fact, Avalya has many beautiful antique brooches to offer to its customers.

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Vintage Floral Crystal Cameo Brooch (Antique Gold Finish)


Avalya’s Vintage Floral Crystal Cameo Brooch is one of the most classy antique brooches I’ve ever seen.

This antique brooch is available in both antique gold and antique silver finishes. These vintage brooches are both beautiful and elegant.

It can be wonderfully worn for a lighter venue such as a brunch event, or a night at the opera house or theater, or simply as a spring or summer hat ornament.

This piece features a frame with silver or gold finish, adorned by a floral centerpiece. The frame is adorned with small crystal gems to reflect light, and attract the eyes.

This antique brooch can be that one special piece of jewelry that can make you feel happy and elegant when you wear it.

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Antique Gold Filigree Ivory Pearl Corsage Brooch


If you are looking for vintage brooches to wear at a more casual event, Avalya’s Vintage Filigree Crystal Brooch can be the perfect choice for you.

It features a vintage gold frame with a brilliant amber colored, flat back stone, surrounded by coffee, and amber crystals, and coffee faux pearl beads.

The brooch is chic, and once added to your outfit, cannot be missed. You can also use the pin to draw attention to your hairdo in a stylish fashion.

This is a piece of jewelry, that can be displayed proudly.