I was looking for a vintage rhinestone jewelry set to match my wedding gown. I want it to be simple, elegant, and yet sophisticated.

Vintage style jewelry is really suitable to give that sophisticated look.

Some people might call rhinestones diamond simulants, thus making it sounds cheap, but trust me, choose a good design and cut, it will sparkle and dazzle.

For my wedding jewelry set, I decided that I will get a headband, a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet.

You can order a custom vintage rhinestone jewelry set from your local shop, but nowadays, there are many online shops available.

Start browsing from these shops, you will be amazed on the number of designs available for vintage rhinestone jewelry.

Vintage Rhinestone Bridal Jewelry Ideas

Vintage inspired bridal jewelryVintage bridal tiara rhinestonePicture of vintage inspired bridal jewelry sets

Vintage Rhinestone Tiara

Let’s start with the headband or many people called it tiara. Tiara is often associated with princess and all girls want to be a princess in her wedding day.

Fortunately, there are many cheap tiaras that still look nice and expensive. Most of these are using rhinestones as the main gems.

These are some of the common rhinestone headbands designs available:

  • Standard design. A standard design is the one that peaked that the center like those worn by royalty. This design is suitable if you have a round face, it will make your face looks longer.
  • Pearls and rhinestones headband. If you have a long face shape, choose this one.
  • Flowers and leaves tiara. This design reminds me of Greek and Roman goddesses. It’s sweet without being too extravagant. They are suitable for most people.

As my face shape is long and I will be wearing an ivory wedding dress with rhinestones and crystals sequins, I ordered a gold antique rhinestone jewelry tiara from Amazon.

It really exceeded my expectation, it’s beautifully wrapped and the size is just nice. The design is really detailed and the rhinestones are really beautiful.

This matches well with my other vintage rhinestone jewelry that I ordered. As for my bridesmaids, I have chosen a sweet flower and leaves rhinestones tiara.

It matches the dark red satin bridesmaids dress that I have chosen for them.

Picture of vintage bridal jewelry setImage of elegant vintage bridal jewelry setImage of beautiful rhinestone bridal jewelry set

Vintage rhinestone jewelry set

Earrings and necklace are often sold as a set, thus it makes it easier for us to choose.

These are some of the popular necklace and earring jewelry sets available:

  • One layer. If you have a complex dress with many shiny crystals, you can choose this type. The simplest design only consists of a single layer of pearl. They are simple, but elegant. The earrings can be stub earrings or a single line dangle earrings.
  • chandelier type. If you have a semi plain tube dress, this would be the best jewelry type. Also don’t forget to style your hair in a bun style, it will definitely draw people attention to your face and compliment the dress. Depend on the material of your dress, you can consider the vintage rhinestone jewelry set for this. Why? because the design of vintage style jewelry is normally unique, so will not look like those pictures in wedding catalogue. Also these type of jewelry has very intricate details with a reasonable price. They will make you feel like a princess. The earrings are also a long dangle type with the same pattern as the necklace. If you feel that pure diamond like crystals are too boring, vintage style jewelry also comes with different rhinestones color combination.
  • choker. This type of necklace are normally tight around the neck. They are normally made of few layer of nice cut rhinestones or pearls. These are suitable for high colar or strapless dress. Choose this if you want to emphasize your slender neck.

Since my gown is going to be a strapless satin gown, I have ordered the chandelier type with some flowers design.

This vintage rhinestone jewelry set is really gorgeous.

Picture of Rhinestone bridal braceletsImage of vintage bridal braceletsPicture of vintage inspired bridal bracelet

Vintage Bridal Bracelet

The last piece of my vintage rhinestone jewelry set is the bracelet. Same as the rest of the jewelry, choose the one matching to your dress color and other jewelry pieces that you have chosen.

To add that romantic look, don’t forget to get a bridal glove. It can be a satin with lace to match with your satin dress or a pure lace one is also nice.

Here are some of the popular bracelets designs available:

  • Bangle. This is a stiff bracelet to be wear slightly high on your arm or loose on your wrist. It normally doesn’t have clasp, so you can just slip in to your hand. Some designs are using pearls with some rhinestones to make it sparkle. You can even mix a few different layer of pearls bangle follow by rhinestones bangle. This style is fun and yet elegant.  I have chosen a bangle for me too, but it’s a single layer rhinestones with the 3 ornaments to signify past, present, and future.
  • Tennis bracelet. This is a classic a single layer diamond bracelet. They are normally the flexible types, so they are quite comfortable. If you are getting a diamond bracelet, this is the most popular design for brides.
  • Charm bracelet. Traditionally it’s given to young girls. They consists of a chain with some small charms hanging on the chain. The charms are normally customizable and hold a special meaning to the one wearing it. Nowadays, you can also find a charm bracelet for brides where you can customize the charms to your liking. You can consider to get these for your flower girls too.

There is no right or wrong in choosing jewelry for your wedding. Whichever design that catch your eye, try it out, you will be surprised on how well it suits you.

Well, it has been a long journey, but  I really love jewelry, especially vintage rhinestone jewelry. I think they are romantic and simply beautiful.

More importantly vintage rhinestone jewelry will not burn a hole in your pocket as most of them are reasonably priced.

Have fun girls! Don’t forget send us a picture of your favorite jewelry set.